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Internet Marketing Consultant

Internet Marketing Consultant

Wearing the Internet Marketing Consultant hat with companies we work with is helpful because the web has done a lot more than just add a new place to market products and services. It has also introduced new dynamics that can transform nearly every aspect of a company's relationship to its customers and prospects. Some examples:

  • The internet enables much more precise tracking of how prospects and customers engage with a company's media, enabling optimization not possible with TV, radio, or print ads. If taken full advantage of, this ability to ethically reverse engineer the patterns and psychology of the buyer in order to serve them better can enable a much greater return on marketing investment.

  • Anybody with a computer can post information on the internet. So, there is a lot of garbage out there. This means it is even more important for a company's marketing communication to convey credibility and authority. It may seem paradoxical but resisting the temptation to oversell on the web means you will stand out better and sell more. Trust is everything.

  • For a growing number of people, online reviews have taken the place of brands as a decision shortcut. People can see review ratings in search results before clicking through and often make decisions based on them. Hence the importance of online reputation management

  • As opposed to traditional media, it is a 2-way communication channel. Prospects can't talk back to a company through a TV ad or radio commercial but they can on the internet. So you can't just talk "at" people on the web.

  • A competitor's website is never farther than a click or two away. Engage people or lose them. There are no captive audiences.

  • People use the internet for research often long ahead of a buying decision. Content marketing can reach up and out of the "lead funnel" to those people with helpful and empowering information. But, it can't try to sell people at this stage or they look elsewhere and you lose the opportunity to migrate a larger group of potential customers gradually into your circle, building trust and loyalty along the way.

There are many more reasons that a company's leadership and staff need to embrace new paradigms to maximize the potential profit the internet enables. Holding on to old ways of thinking, conversely, can put a company at great risk.

Our aim is to empower our clients to update their mental models so they can leverage what the internet can do for them for competitive advantage.
Internet Marketing Consultant
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  The e-Merg Experience Marketing program  
  There are three angles to the e-Merg Program:

1. An Aligned Team
2. The Customer Adventure
3. Properly Structured e-Media

These three components, put together properly with the right structure and intent, create a virtuous circle of positive customer stories feeding into new business.
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