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Reputation Management

Reputation Management

Online Reviews are taking over from brands as decision shortcuts for customers.

A 2013 study by Dimensional Research found that about 2/3 of the responders said they read online reviews:

  • 90% of them said positive reviews influenced buying decision.

  • 86% said negative reviews influenced buying decisions.

Given this strong influence of online reviews on purchase decisions, you can't afford to ignore the power of creating a strong online reputation for your business.

We offer several online reputation management programs that can also incorporate Experience Marketing components for the confidence of creating great customer experiences and reviews by design.

Having an excellent Service Promise is important for expectation management - by telling prospects and customers what great service is, in a way only your company can deliver best, you help avoid the negative perception that could come from them focusing on things outside the distinctive window of excellent service your company delivers.

The programs include:

  • Online review sites managed and monitored.

  • Developing a "Service Promise" that sets your company apart from the competition, becomes a leading message for your marketing, and manages the expectation of your customers so they define good service by your specific standards.

  • Creating, managing, and generating reports from an online "Service Promise Survey" so there is a positive feedback loop from great service that can also generate testimonials to support your marketing as well as providing an avenue for complaints and conflict resolution so customers with problems aren't as likely to vent publicly on review sites.

  • Developing customer journey maps as guides for your employees' treatment of your customers and decision making tools for monitoring and enhancing customers' experience of your company.

  • Answering complaint reviews on monitored review sites as per a policy developed with your company. Since these answers are public, it helps to have an external agency run support to help avoid the emotional responses to negative reviews that could otherwise look even worse that the original review. Handled right, the response to a negative review can be the opportunity for your company to shine by demonstrating how much it cares about its customers' experience and how solidly it backs its service promise.

  • Connecting with the right people at your company to get the information needed for answering reviews appropriately.

  • A monthly online brand mention summary that gives you an executive summary of your company's online reputation as well as the steps made to ensure its good standing.

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  The e-Merg Experience Marketing program  
  There are three angles to the e-Merg Program:

1. An Aligned Team
2. The Customer Adventure
3. Properly Structured e-Media

These three components, put together properly with the right structure and intent, create a virtuous circle of positive customer stories feeding into new business.
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