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SEO - Search Engine Optimization

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Would you like to see your business ranking at the top of Google and other search engine searches?

There is a lot to be gained by being competitive for search traffic: A 2013 study showed that the number one position in Google got 33% of the traffic. The second position got barely more than half of that: 18%. The results rapidly declined from there, with a best-case on the second page getting no more than 1%.

Hence the saying, "where do you hide a dead body? The second page of Google."

We've seen companies use separate resources to handle different aspects of their web marketing: one company for SEO, another for email marketing, a different organization for social media, another for blogging....etc.

While the intent may be to get "the best of each", this approach can be dysfunctional because all these functions should interact with and support each other. It's like jazz musicians finding interplay through listening to each other and altering what they play accordingly to make the best music together.

So, our approach is fully integrated: We take advantage of the opportunities for symbiosis between content marketing, email marketing, and social media marketing to do SEO (search engine optimization) that gives our clients the strongest possible flow of traffic and leads.

How does SEO benefit from a fully integrated web marketing approach? There are many ways, and here are three of the most important ones:

  • Getting strong search engine placement is largely dependent on distinctive, original content. This content, whether it be blog posts or website copy, should be responsive to the keyword research required of SEO. Keyword research discovers the words and phrases your best potential customers use to search on Google and other search engines for products and services like your company sells. The keywords discovered help guide the planning of the content.

  • Search traffic also depends on what we call "inbound links". Inbound links are the hyperlinks from other websites to your company's website and other web media. In addition to sending people to your website directly, the number and quality of these links is a "ranking factor" in that they have a strong impact on the website's placement in search results. Social media is a great way to propagate the content using strategies that encourage the right sites and people to link to that content, whether it be landing pages on the main website, or posts on your blog.

  • Email marketing and blogging also play off each other, with the blogs providing content for email newsletters that drive more traffic back to the blogs. The interplay of this traffic can be managed to also supports strong search traffic results.

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