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Why Blogging Generates Leads But is Not Advertising

Why Blogging Generates Leads But is Not Advertising

Blogs are one component of an "Inbound" or "Permission" marketing system that is very different from "Outbound" or "Interruption" traditional media advertising.

  • Inbound/Permission Marketing is also known as Content Marketing because it is based on creating the distinctive, helpful content that naturally attracts prospects as they use the internet to research how to address their needs. Conversely, Outbound/Interruption Marketing seeks to interrupt prospects' attention to other media.Traditional TV commercials and print ads are typical examples of interruption marketing.
  • The dynamics of how people use the internet means that electronic media is much more suited for Inbound/Permission marketing than Outbound/Interruption Marketing. It's too easy to click elsewhere for the desired information to tolerate being interrupted.
  • As such, a blog post is not an advertisement: it is designed to empower more than it is to sell.
  • A much larger "attention herd" is created this way because at any given time there is a much larger audience for no-strings solid information than there is for direct sales messages.
  • People are on an ever changing continuum for both their perceived needs and their readiness to pay for a company's product or service. So content marketing like blogging is extremely effective for lead generation if these conditions are met:

    1. Prospects' attention is held long enough by a steady stream of empowering content.

    2. Confidence is built by the content demonstrating the company is a knowledgeable authority.

    3. Trust builds through the helpfulness of the content demonstrating that the source company has the their best interests in mind.

    4. A gentle migration strategy locks in steady attention. An example would be the blog featuring an empowering free report that is given in exchange for an email newsletter subscription ... then using that newsletter to drip market to those prospects just consistently enough with the right mix of empowering content and gentle calls to action, so the company is the obvious, trusted source when they are ready to buy.

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